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The Bodybuilding Diary Gym Log is an app that can easily be downloaded onto a laptop or phone so that you can have it monitor your training while you train. If you are a bodybuilder, then you will know very well how important it is to record your workouts in a workout journal to ensure progressive resistance.

Whether you are a powerlifter, weightlifter or a bodybuilder, this app is built to ensure that you outperform your previous training session by monitoring anything from the time it takes to complete a set to calculating any new strength and muscle gain achieved.

Tracking the progress, you are making when training with weights is a vital ingredient to ensure success. The new diary gym log app is an effective tracking tool for any weight training that you do on a regular basis. Although there are quite a few different options that you can purchase, the feedback from customers continues to receive rave reviews.

Comments from users include a wide range of advantages that the diary gym log can do for you. Ranging from an effective replacement for the paper you might have been recording your workouts on to ensure success to the ease of access on your mobile phone.

This app was developed for results and comes with a built in rest and stretch timer plus and autofill on every set done just by punching a button. This means training without needing a clock to watch your resting time between sets or the amount of time it takes to complete a set or even a single rep.

There are a number of important features that this diary gym log offers, making your workout a lot easier to track and get the results you are looking for a lot quicker and a lot more predictably. Everyone trains for a different reason but science can now prove what works.

The app, once installed on your phone can easily be backed up on any iCloud server so that your information is never lost or corrupted.

Single thumb or finger friendly makes it a very convenient training partner

You can create and save any routine you like or you can use the routines selected depending on your stats and your specific objective.

You can also use the diary gym log to create an unlimited amount of different exercises.

You can easily access a summary for each workout you have done including the total weight lifted, the time it took and the sets and reps used.

This app also allows the user to customize routines specifically to suit your own objective.

The app also includes an online locker browser which is an extension that enables you to access all your workout analytics.

You can easily share your workouts with Facebook or Twitter and send them via email to your personal trainer for guidance and advice.

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